I scheduled this article to appear at 12:12pm on 12-12-12.

Often we look at dates and events with special significance.

My son married on 10-10-10. No, it wasn’t at 10:10.  Actually he told us that they were legally married on Friday 10-8-10 at the courthouse since 10-10-10 was a Sunday.  We’ll still celebrate on 10-10.

The last couple of Presidential elections have been labeled as the Most Important in our Lifetime.  Maybe, maybe not. Just a bunch of hype is my reaction, and I care about the outcome of these elections.

Granted the past dozen years we have had the unique opportunity to do things every 366 days of significance. There was 01-01-01, followed by 02-02-02 the next year etc, until today.

Unless any of us live to see the next century, this is it. Oh wait, there’s that Myan calender thing predicting the world ends 12-21-12, in nine days.

Now that would be a significant Once in a Lifetime Event…