It’s September 11th again.  9-11-01 was the day that Baby Boomers like myself and my kids had our worlds changed by an act of war.

We read in history books about World War 1 and 2; Korea; and Vietnam.  Even though I was alive when the United States left Vietnam, I wasn’t around when it began, so I don’t identify much with the 60’s political scene.  I was just a little boy.

But 14 years ago I had taken a break from the radio world and was working as a Thermoformer Operator.  I was a 41 year old newlywed.  My wife was working as a nurse that morning and I was still asleep when it all began.  I turned on the Today Show and watched it unfold in front of my eyes, like a lot of you.

Even in the comfort of our two story home in the midwest, hundreds of miles from New York City and the World Trade Center, a sinking feeling hit me.  I knew I was awake, at least I thought I was.

Finally I got up and threw on some clothes.  It was a day off for me and I recall simply being glued to the TV. ScLoHo's Really

Over the next few days and weeks we didn’t know what to expect.  We were mad, but it was at the time a surprise.  Unlike the major wars I mentioned above, this was an attack by terrorists, not another country with their military.  We had no idea how to respond.

As a country, we looked to our leaders for guidance and direction.  George Bush had the countries support at the time to take action.  Little did any of us know what the ramifications would be like 14 years later.

Mistakes were made, too many lives have been lost, and there is no real end in sight to this war on terror.  It has turned political and Americans are numb to what is going on.  The trickle down effect has not impacted all of us the way the World Wars did.  Only a tiny percentage of the population, those who are military families even think much about it these days.

Show us a map of the middle east and most would not  be able to fill in the counties by name anymore.

Other tragedies have taken the place, some of which are related.  The spread of ISIS, the Iranian nuclear deal are top of mind for some.   We have had a rise in racial tension these past 8 years as our country elected the first black president and then re-elected him.  Hurricanes, wild fires, droughts and floods have had just as much or more attention in recent years.

Please take a moment and realize that we are living in a time that will one day be recorded in history books and while we are in the midst of it, we don’t see the big picture.

Take another moment and start looking beyond yourself.  I know so many people who are actively making a difference in a life beyond their own.  Do that too.  And be thankful for the blessings.