Time to do a “health” update.

In February of this year, I resigned from my position at the radio stations I worked for and a few days later accepted a position working for Shindigz, one of the worlds largest party supply retailers.  I handle most of their Social Media activity.  For me it sounded like a dream job, but not just for the work I get to do.

Shindigz has an fitness room that is free to use.

Twice a week Shindigz pays a personal trainer to work with any of the Shindigz staff, free of charge.  4 out of 6 of us who are on the Internet Marketing Team take advantage of this opportunity to improve our health.

For me it’s been a little over two months since I began my first work out and I noticed the differences in the first week.

First came the aches from sore muscles.

Then I noticed at the end of April I had lost nearly a dozen pounds since I began working at Shindigz.  Part of it was a change in my eating habits, but also the exercise was making a difference.

This spring I had to replace a leaky kitchen faucet that I had been avoiding because of the rusty old parts requiring more strength than I had, when I discovered the problem last year.  Now I had developed the strength to take care of this on my own.

Yard work.  It’s become easier and I’ve become more productive.

And then there was this past weekend.  One room of our home flooded due to our city getting hit with 5 or 6 inches of rain Friday night.  Saturday morning was spent soaking up as much water as possible out of the carpet, after moving all the furniture out of the room.  Then Saturday night I spent an hour ripping up the carpet and removing the water soaked padding so the cement floor would dry.  It’s something I’ve done before and I knew as I was doing it this time that there was a difference.

Oh, it was just as heavy as the last time, but I noticed i was stronger.

2 months stronger.