There are tons of articles that claim to know the secret sauce that will make you immensely popular and wealthy with social media.

This isn’t one of them.

Popularity and wealth are shallow goals in my opinion.

However they may be a result of doing others things.

I must point out again my reason for doing the things I do is to help people connect with others.

It’s that simple and that direct.  Nearly everything I do professionally and a lot of the personal stuff is about connections and relationships.

So, now that you know where I am coming from, let’s talk about these 3 significant Social Media Tips to Stimulate Connections.

  1. Pick two or more Social Media platforms that you are going to use. If you are going to stick to just two, my current recommendations are Facebook and LinkedIn. Some people like to keep their personal and professional lives separate and put only personal things on Facebook and only business related stuff on LinkedIn. I only agree with 1/2 of this method.  While I keep the stuff I put on LinkedIn related to my professional life and activities, (by not posting cat videos, for example on my LinkedIn page), I invite people I know to become a connection and friend on both platforms.
  2. Fill out your profiles on the Social Media platforms you have selected.  Nothing paints a negative image of you faster than a Social Media profile that is incomplete.  It shows that you don’t care, that you can’t be relied on to finish what you start, and if there are typos, it shows you are too lazy to spell check.  Take the time to completely fill out the basic information and  include appropriate pictures.  If you are a woman, don’t use that bikini shot from last weekend as your profile picture on LinkedIn, unless you are a model.  Guys, your Facebook profile picture should not be from your last visit to the bar, unless you work there or own the place.   Is the info on your social media profiles current, up to date and correct?  Better double check and click on those links you included a few years ago.
  3. Use your Social Media Platforms.  Go ahead and be social.  Post a picture every once in awhile to Facebook.  I will post about 5 to 10 times a week.  Not all on the same day, but nearly everyday.  Check to see who has a birthday and wish them a happy one.  Thank someone for something.  There are plenty of good things you can do with Facebook besides play games and spread hate.  Have fun.  Comment on something someone else has shared.  You are stimulating your connections by doing this.  One last tip and this pertains to LinkedIn.  At least once a year,  change your Title, the one under your name at the top of your profile.  It doesn’t have to be anything drastic.  I changed mine this week to more accurately reflect what I do.  I had several people contact me asking about what I am now doing and want to connect with me to learn more.

And one more tip.  Unless you have something to hide, make your social media profiles and posts public.  It’s all about being social after all.