10 years ago, what was your life like?

10 years ago I was a Thermoformer Operator, having taken a break from the radio, advertising and marketing worlds that I’ve spent most of my life in since I was a teenager.

10 years ago I was buying my first house, ever.

10 years ago my son Josh was 17, his sister Rachael was 18 and their sister Tiffany was not quite 16.

Now they’re all married and the girls have each had their own first born children.

My stepkids, Ian and Abby are both 10 years older too.  Abby is married and Ian has two sons.

As I look back I know where we’ve been, the struggles we faced, the battles we fought, the conflicts, the victories, the joy, the peace, the pride in my family.

All of this was the result of life unfolding over 10 years with daily decisions and actions that build upon each other and pretty soon another year passes, followed by another one and another one.

(10 years ago there was no Twitter or Facebook and now look at what we’ve created.)

As you prepare for the weekend, take some time to reflect on the past 10 years of your life and your own “Remarkable Decade”.