When I started on the WOWO radio advertising sales team, I needed to create a new recipe for building successful radio advertising campaigns. Seems like most of my established co-workers were using the formula that included Live 60 second Endorsement Ads because they worked.

They worked so well that my options were limited. Those live 60 second endorsement ads carried exclusivity for the advertiser.  If I wanted Charly to endorse a dentist, he wasn’t available because he was already endorsing another dentist.  Same thing with other business categories that were successful on WOWO.

So here’s what I did. maxresdefault

Instead of live 1 minute endorsement ads by the personalities, I opted to use live 10 second embedded news sponsorship ads.  These shorter versions when used the way I set them up worked and still work under the right circumstances.

It’s not really a secret, but it was something my peers were not doing the way I did it.

Live embedded news sponsorship ads that are just 10 seconds long are read by the WOWO news hosts and WOWO personalities within the context of the news, weather, or sports reports.  We have 37 slots each weekday between 5am and 6pm.

My first year at WOWO, I started using these to get my advertising partners on WOWO and because of the way I did it, it was successful.  It became so successful that we had to start keeping track of the amount of inventory we have each week for them and applying the supply and demand price model.

When we are nearly sold out, these are $50 each.  That’s less than 1/2 the price for a 60 second radio commercial on WOWO, but there are certain conditions that must be met for this kind of campaign to work.  Also, I don’t believe you can transfer this recipe to a music based radio station with the same results.

Here’s what I look for to even consider using this:

  1. Can we communicate the advertising message in 10 seconds or do we need more time due to the complexity of what should be said and/or competition? That is a must.
  2. Is there a simple call to action, usually a website or location that we can direct people to in the message?  This depends on what we are looking to accomplish.
  3. Is there going to be enough of a commitment of money and time to enable this to work? This is a question I need answered no matter what kind of marketing plan I develop.

Will this work for you?  Maybe.  We should talk first.  Contact me.