A few questions:

Are you trying to become popular on Social Media?

Do you measure your success by the number of connections you have on LinkedIn?

Or by the number of Facebook friends you have?

By the number of followers you have on Twitter?

If these raw numbers are the most important part of your social media life, then someone is losing.

And it is likely to be you.

The reason most people are on social media is to be, well social.

Social as in genuine relationships with real people.

Sure there are some exceptions as companies have figured out how to use Twitter for business.  I follow CBSNews on Twitter, not to interact but for information.

But every time I gain a new follower on Twitter, I double check to see what they are about before I decided if I want to follow them back.

21,000 followers and all they do is self promote is gaming the system.  In other words, they are Popularity Pigs.

On the flip side, you need to have a certain number of followers to be social unless you are just talking to yourself.

100 is a good starting number for some, 1000 is a decent number for others.

But back to my first question:

Are you trying to become popular on Social Media?

Or are you just being yourself on Social Media?