If you were called on to speak on a subject in front of a group people for 5 minutes, could you do it?

Do people know you well enough to know what to ask you?

A couple weeks ago the 43rd Social Media/Marketing Breakfast Fort Wayne had their final gathering for 2014 and our host Kevin Mullett asked the attendees to write down 3 social media questions that they want to know more about.  Then he asked the room to name someone in the room that they wanted to hear address the question.  Derrick, Dirk,  Alex and myself were all requested by our peers to do an impromptu talk. I was asked to speak about Lead Generation and Social Media.


Thanks Kevin for taping and sharing this on Facebook and thanks Peter for asking the original question and Brandon who asked the follow up question in the video.

Next year I’ll write a series on this topic and share it here.

But back to my original questions:

Can you give an impromptu talk for 5 minutes?   What do you need to do to be prepared to do this?

Do your peers know you well enough to know what your areas of expertise are?  What do you need to do to better communicate to others what you are good at?

In the meantime, I invite your comments and questions anytime.