One of the pretty cool things about radio ads is the way that for years, it was the last bit of advertising messaging that a consumer was exposed to before deciding where to spend their money.

Think about it for a second.

You may have seen an ad on television last night for __________, but today as you decide to visit _________, you hear an ad for an alternative to _________ and decide to go there instead.

This happens a lot.

Lunch for example.

Many folks have no idea where they are going to grab their mid-day meal until they hop in the car and start down the road.  At 12:05pm, they hear an ad for today’s special at Steve’s Soup and  Salad Shack and turn their automobile in the direction of Steve’s.  A few minutes later, they are enjoying the daily special they heard about a few minutes earlier on the radio.

This often works to change minds too.

Instead of pulling into the drive thru line for another burger that they were planning on grabbing, they hear about the fresh and healthy options at the sub shop and change their mind.  How many times have you done this?

This power of radio being the last advertising medium a consumer is exposed to has changed a bit over the years.

While 90% of adults still listen to a radio station every week, there are some additional tools you can use to capture a consumers attention, right before they decide to buy.  I’m thinking about the internet, and the advertising options that we now have that were not even in existence a few years ago. dd

Here’s an example of how I can help your business invite customers to spend their money with you using both of these methods…

First off, a radio advertising campaign that gives people a reason to visit you, and secondly a digital display ad campaign that acts as a reminder to people that you are available to take care of them.   (It’s a bit more detailed and customized than that,  but that’s one example).

Both of those, and the coordination of the messaging is what I can help you with via WOWO radio and Federated Digital Solutions.   Just reach out to me and let’s talk.