Do you like being sold something?  Or would you prefer to buy something?  It’s an important distinction.  Even though the result can be the same.

Yesterday I started telling you the story of how Mike became one of my advertising partners on WOWO Radio.  It is because I did not try and sell him something I wanted to sell him.  Instead I helped him buy something he wanted to buy.

He wanted to buy more qualified leads for his business.  I had the ability to sign him up for an advertising program on WOWO Radio.  But Mike did not initially want to buy advertising on WOWO.  My job was to bridge that gap and together we worked side by side to understand his business dynamics so I could craft a campaign that help him create more qualified leads.

More on Mike coming tomorrow.

My job is to seek out qualified businesses and people who can become advertising partners.

An advertising partner is more than a customer or client to me.  Even those who spend money with me who are used to being treated like just a customer can become an advertising partner if we can develop a partnership. analytics-282739_1280

A partnership goes two ways.  I do certain things and you do certain things.

Here’s an example of what I will do:

  1. To meet regularly, every 2 to 6 weeks, as needed
  2. To keep our advertising messages updated regularly
  3. To offer additional opportunities to use the services and marketing platforms offered by WOWO Radio, Federated Media, Federated Digital Solutions and Federated Entertainment
  4. To be a creative resource and consultant for all your marketing efforts
  5. To offer suggestions and feedback as the relationship continues

And here’s the corresponding expectations of what I ask of my advertising partners:

  1. To be available for regular meetings and communication
  2. To keep me updated when changes and/or new services are offered that we might include in your marketing.
  3. To set up a tracking system to assist in identifying results from our campaign
  4. To stay current with monthly payments as outlined
  5. To inform me of both successes and concerns as we move forward.

As you see, this is not a typical sales person trying to sell the biggest contract and then disappearing, (which happens all to often in the sales world).

Want to see if we could work together?  Contact me.