I believe it was Thursday or Friday morning as I was getting ready for my day and was listening to one of the morning TV talk shows and they were still talking about Steve Jobs, due to his recent passing and the release of his biography.

Even though it has been easy for me to dismiss Steve Jobs as I don’t own any Apple products and have only been tempted a few times to buy an iPad or iPhone, my mind was thinking about the impact that this one man has had on all of us.

As a kid who was interested in both history and inventions, some of my hero’s were Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison.

Franklin was born 253 years before me, Edison 112 before I was born.

Sometimes we are too close to recognize these people who walk among us.

These thoughts of comparison of Steve to Ben and Tom were not just mine.  Over the weekend I caught a few minutes of  Piers Morgan interview with Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson and in this clip at the 5 minute mark, Walter says the same.