Sunday afternoon my wife final told me to stop.

Our weekend was filled with a few projects along with some relaxing time.

It began Saturday with a trip to the bank, actually two banks, a hair cut, a trip to the store, stop at a gas station for a fill-up and a car wash in the morning.

The afternoon included a trip to the roof with my brother in law Tim where we checked out a hole in the roof and devised a temporary cover.

Sunday afternoon included buying smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, batteries, light bulbs, oil for the wife’s car and then installing, filling and what not.

While I was doing those tasks, Kathy was baking bread, preparing dinner and a variety of other household tasks.

Meanwhile Kathy’s other brother, Mike who is also staying with us volunteered to repair the roof, so while he did that, i set up his computer to watch movies with an extra cool sound system as a thank you.

We’re not always this efficient, but I recall as a young parent being out numbered 3 to 2 by our kids and the only way to get things done was to push forward.

If I only had a To Do List, it would have lines crossed off from everything that we accomplished.

Oh, I also changed the cat litter.  That alone gives me hero status in my wife’s eyes.