First off, this is not about bacon.

But because so many people I know love bacon, it’s a good metaphor.  For me, I can easily pass on dessert but you better give me a slice of bacon instead.

Bacon refers to the stuff we really, really enjoy but when given a choice giving up _________ or bacon, we make the tough choice of giving up the bacon.

Bacon is not something that you need.  It is an accessory.

My “Bacon” in this story is the sharing online a lot of insider information regarding advertising, media, marketing and sales.  I spent 24 years earning my living in the radio broadcasting world and the past year in the digital marketing world.

Monday I return to the radio world, helping business owners create successful advertising campaigns that bring them customers who want to buy their products and services.

In preparation for this change (read more about it here), I’ve been redesigning my online activity to better fit my new schedule which will include a lot of face to face time.

Besides a new design for this website, I’ve also decided what will be included in the future, and what won’t.

As I mentioned a few days ago, the Fort Wayne site of the day is a very popular feature. (Read more here.) However to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, I’m handing it off to a friend of mine with my blessing and the new home is

You are welcome to visit the ScLoHo archives page which has links to most of the 10,000+ posts I’ve featured both here and on my blogs over the past 8 years.

And feel free to connect via the social media channels at the top of this page.  Twitter is my favorite and the best way to reach me.