My wife and I have been touched with friends and family’s health issues recently.

Which means a lot of praying, researching, visiting, helping out, etc.

When we were younger, we never thought about death.

Now with each news story about another celebrity passing, we see that those TV stars we grew up with were mere mortals.

When it touches the lives of those around you, it sinks in even harder.

Life on earth is finite for each of us.

Which brings me to share with you something I noticed I was doing for awhile.

I call it Daily Birthday reminders.

There are 12 months just like we use a clock with 12 hours.

The other day I noticed the time was 12:11.  That’s my birthday too. December 11th.

Each of us, if we are paying attention to our digital clocks can get a daily reminder to be thankful for another day of life when the clock reminds us of our birthday each day.

If you want to go a step further, think of your friends or family at the time of their birthdays each day.

For example, 3:13 is Kathy time.

My kids… 9:12 is Rachael time, 11:15 is Josh time and 4:12 is Tiff time as these are the times that correspond with their birthdays.

Food for thought today.