Over the past 18 months I’ve had friends lose loved ones.

Some lost a grandparent, some lost a parent, others lost a pet who was as close to them as any human companion.

As I was preparing this weeks updates I looked at some of the posts from my previous Really? blog and discovered this gem from the summer of 2008:


When you have 10 minutes, go visit and explore his site, Days with My Father.

My father passed away 3 years before my mother, otherwise, this story could have been mine.
See, my Dad suffered from some of the same afflictions that Phillip’s father does. Namely short term memory loss. It got to the point where he stopped driving because he would forget how to get back home.

I’ll give you some hints about navigating the site:

  • If you move your mouse to the far left, you can click and go to a page of thumbnails which you can also click on and do directly to that page.
  • I would urge you, though to simply scroll to the bottom of each page and you’ll see the edge of the next page which you can click on. This is the best way to read and absorb the site.
  • Some of the pages have naration on the left side, others are simply a photograph. There are 36 pages total.