Recently I decided to check my official driving record.  In Indiana they have moved a lot of the BMV services online, so all I had to do was sign in and there it was.

What surprised me was although I have stopped getting speeding tickets, there were a few seatbelt violations listed.

None since 2010, but just because I wasn’t caught not wearing a seatbelt the past couple years, doesn’t mean I was wearing one all the time.

This was a wake up call that I decided to do something about.

I live on a one block street.  At the end of the block is a Stop sign.

I’ve always thought it was a silly place for a Stop sign, since you have to stop anyway.

I have mentally changed the meaning of that sign.

Now when I see the Stop sign, instead of just telling me to Stop, it’s telling me to Stop and Buckle Your Seatbelt.

And I do.  Faithfully now.

What kind of sign do you use to remind you to do something?