For college kids, Spring Break was last month.  But for most of the K-12 schools in the Fort Wayne area, spring break is the first full week of April.

In this world of  24/7 connectivity, do you need to take a break for awhile?  Especially if you are on vacation, can you take a break from work and all your connected devices?

I know it can be hard.  Last month, my wife and I took a couple days off and left town for our anniversary.  Not once during that trip did I pop open my laptop to do work.

I did spend about 4 minutes one of those days replying to a couple emails on my phone, so I wasn’t completely shut down from work.  But one of those emails was simply, “I am out of town and can we talk on Monday…”

Enjoy your spring break.  You need it and you deserve it too.  This is no April Fool’s Joke.