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May 20, 2012 The Not-So-Secret Writings of ScLoHo 0

This is from my 2006 archives.

Still true 6 years later:


Let’s face it, there are lots of jokes about salespeople, most not very nice. Car salespeople are at the bottom of a survey done a couple years ago.

Here’s Gallup’s list, starting with the professions rated “very high” or “high” on honesty and ethical standards:

1. Nurses (79 percent)
2. Druggists, pharmacists (72 percent)
3. Military officers (72 percent)
4. Medical doctors (67 percent)
5. Police officers (60 percent)
6. Clergy (56 percent)
7. Judges (53 percent)
8. Day care providers (49 percent)
9. Bankers (36 percent)
10. Auto mechanics (26 percent)
11. Local officeholders (26 percent)
12. Nursing home operators (24 percent)
13. State officeholders (24 percent)
14. TV reporters (23 percent)
15. Newspaper reporters (21 percent)
16. Business executives (20 percent)
17. Lawyers (18 percent)
18. Congressmen (10 percent)
19. Advertising practitioners (10 percent)
20. Car salesmen (9 percent)

Yet, people buy cars every day. Even if they don’t want to be “sold”, they do want to “buy”.

Oh, and yes I noticed that my profession ranks at number 19. I’m trying to change that, 1 at a time.

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