Last month I commented on a friends blog and wrote,

“Attitude and ability coupled with a perspective that comes with experience and openness to explore new ideas… That’s what makes the world go around, not an artificial age limitation.”

I know people who are stuck in their thinking and just barely in their 20’s and I also recently met a local business owner who is 70 and making plans for expansion in 2013 and 2014.

Since I work in the media and marketing world, demographics are often used to pick a target of who to attempt to reach.

And while there are plenty of generalizations we can make about life stages, or age groups there are always exceptions.

I am a step-grandpa to a 14 year old.

I also have a friend who is two weeks younger than me who has a 14 year old daughter.

Sort of blows the strict demographic disciples out of the water.

Yes there is value to the big collective masses, but be careful not to limit your thinking or pre-judge someone based on when they were born.

Don’t let age become a barrier.