Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we assume.

Sometimes we make judgement calls that are not fair.

Sometimes we need to be more patient and understanding.

Sometimes we need to stop and realize that everyone is not as computer literate or internet savvy as we are.

What brought this to mind was a couple of things this past week.

I have a friend who is 70+ years old who bought his first computer a few years ago.

Oh, he’s used them, but this was the first time he had his own, not a company computer.

Every once in awhile he locks something up on his laptop and he calls me for help.

And he just joined Facebook this month too.  Not that he likes Facebook, but he’s catching on.

I also noticed that a former co-worker of mine, Luke is having a birthday today.

Luke was in his early 50’s and had never used a computer when he joined our radio stations.

We tortured him in a playful way.

Like pry off the keys on his keyboard and swap them.

Because Luke was a hunt and peck type, he never noticed that the letter m was really an n for about a week.

Sorry Luke.

This weekend, next month, later this year, someone you know is going to be a newbie.

It could be their first computer, first laptop, first smartphone, first iPad, first email, first time on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, you get the picture.

Help them.

Mentor them.

Welcome them to our world.