As I write at this moment, I have an earbud in my left ear as I listen to the live feed from CBS News as they talk about the shooting at a grade school with 26 or more fatalities including 18 children.

Twitter is alive with comments from people who are shocked and horrified.

Politicians are talking about renewed efforts for gun control again.

There are too many questions, not enough answers.

There is a simple answer.

The person or persons responsible are sick.

I don’t care if they were part of some plot or just someone who was having a bad week.

But what gathers attention is the magnitude of the death and damage.

I don’t want to diminish this tragedy, but we have senseless violent acts occurring all around us that are sadly ignored by the masses.

For example… In 2011 about 175 miles from where I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 435 people where murdered in a city you probably heard of: Chicago.

This year the Chicago homicide rate will be even closer to 500.

Sick people.  People who are killing others without a good reason.

Not that I can think of a good reason for anyone to kill another, unless it is to save the life from someone who is sick.

Look at this story:

A knife-wielding man slashed 22 children and an adult at an elementary school in central China on Friday, state media reported, the latest in a series of attacks on school children in the country.

My friend Amber alerted me to the above story, but what caught my attention was that it was the latest in a series of attacks on school children in China.

Sick people do terrible things everywhere.  They use guns, knives, even dog bowls to harm others.

We have had a series of violent events including shootings, mostly on the southeast section of my city for years that continues to grow year after year.

Be smart.  Be aware. Do not ignore your gut feelings that something might be wrong.

Love and show love.  Live by the Golden Rule.

And when you hear about these terrible, unexplainable events, pray for those involved and those affected.