Last year I increased the number of emails I was receiving.

I did this on purpose.

When I joined Cirrus ABS, a local website development firm and digital marketing agency, I wanted to stay on top of various trends so I signed up for several email newsletters relevant to the industry.

Now that my main focus is on helping local business owners connect with current and new customers as I returned to the radio advertising world, I decided to scale back on the email subscriptions.

I did this on purpose.

The sheer volume of information was around 100 emails a day.  Now I’m down to 30 to 50 non-spam messages.  Some people think that’s excessive.  I say one step at a time.

Email and other forms of web based communication are fantastic as long as you do some filtering and focus on what’s important to you at the moment.

I’m not alone in this desire as Steve James wrote last week:

A large part of this “digital age” is, of course, communicating via email. Everyone has experienced the phenomenon where no matter how trivial or mundane an author’s thought is, it finds its way into an email. And somehow these gems of wisdom end up in my inbox, where they beg for attention. Bear with me — there’s a point here. The point is I hate email.

More streamlining will be coming however if you decide to follow a similar path as I am, remember that there communication channels that others want to use to reach you, so be careful what you prune.   I’ll continue to share my journey as I take these steps.

Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.