On Twitter there is a hashtag I sometimes see being used:


Here’s a few samples:

When the heating is left on all the time, the house gets too hot and I have to open a window just to cool down

Need to use the restroom but don’t want to give up my seat next to the power outlet…

I’ve been on a cruise all week so I haven’t gotten to see The Hobbit yet.

What’s up with my iPhone not changing time zones automatically ?

There’s just a sliver of time between my tea being too hot and it being too cold

As nice as it is sleeping for 12 hours, the amount of tweets & Instagram posts to catch up on is very stressful

Need to go grocery shopping/don’t want to put on non-pajama pants/hungry

It’s fun, it’s funny, but it is also a reality check.

I discovered this video last week.

There are plenty of things we can do to help others locally too.

Check out the Impact 52 project for a whole host of ideas at: http://impact52.org/