For the past several weeks I was posting a ScLoHo Music Video of the Week.   It was an ambitious project, one I used to do a few years ago too, but I’ve decided it is not that important.

Not to me at least.

When I did this a few years ago, the response was great.  Now, hardly anyone cares or listens/watches.

Including me.

Another feature I kicked off this past winter was a weekly TED Talk.

This began when my wife and I were bored with what was on TV last winter and wanted to enrich our lives, so we began watching for a few weeks.  To make it easy to pick a TED Video, I posted one each week on this site.

But then again I stopped watching them every week.

Now that summer is here, the time I spend online is probably changing too.  With settling into our new home and the warm weather, we are more likely to be doing something for recreation and entertainment than staring at these small screens.

So say good bye to my weekly TED Talk postings too.

As we have a multitude of ways to spend our time, I urge you to continually focus on what is important and make changes in your life to reflect what is currently important.

You have permission to make those changes.