Today a quick rundown of the advertising options I offer to Fort Wayne area business people. As many of you know, I work for WOWO Radio and Federated Media. FederatedMediaLogo (2)

But what you don’t know is the complete list of advertising solutions that I can offer.

Some involve WOWO and some are completely independent of WOWO Radio.

Starting with the basics: WOWOLogo 2016

  • advertising on WOWO radio in the form of commercials that are 60 seconds or less and are pre-recorded.
  • advertising on WOWO radio with Live commercials that are 60 seconds and carry the added endorsement of our WOWO hosts Charly Butcher, Pat Miller and others.
  • advertising on WOWO radio with embedded sponsorship mentions that are 10 seconds long and are live during our prime time radio shows.
  • advertising on WOWO radio with special features that we create just for you.

Expanding on the basics with WOWO:

  • live remote broadcasts from your location of a radio show on WOWO
  • live remote call-in commercials from your location
  • advertising to listeners to WOWO Radio’s digital audience, those that listen to our streaming services on their computer, or mobile device hear different ads than what listeners hear when listening to WOWO 1190AM and 107.5FM
  • advertising messages placed on our website at
  • advertising messages reaching our social media followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • email campaigns that can be targeted to listeners to just WOWO or include our entire Fort Wayne area database that includes listeners to our other Fort Wayne radio stations
  • embedded ads in the WOWO NewsTracker video on YouTube that is shared on social media and our website.
  • participation in the events that WOWO hosts thru our Federated Entertainment division which will include two more job fairs in 2016
  • advertising messages sent via text sponsorships of various opt-in text services for our listeners

ESPN New LogoBesides WOWO Radio, I also offer many of the same advertising solutions for our local ESPN sports stations.

Beyond WOWO Radio, I have plenty of Digital Marketing options from our Federated Digital Solutions division.This year I have advertising partners that are not using WOWO Radio, just our digital solutions. I have an entire team of professionals that work hand in hand with me to create the very best: FDS300

  • responsive website design and development along with Search Engine Optimization.
  • lead generation solutions including Search Engine Marketing commonly known as S.E.M. and P.P.C. drive  customers from sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo to you.
  • the very latest Custom Audience Targeting that uses display ads to qualified people to keep your message in front of them in a very technologically sophisticated manner.
  • similar to Custom Audience Targeting with display ads, I can also handle your Video Audience Targeting which plays your video ads to qualified people.
  •  reputation management and Social Media Engagement services that will include the most appropriate social platforms for your business.

As you look at this list of advertising options, it could be overwhelming unless you are a marketing director of a major company.  But that’s where I come in.

Instead of asking you what you want to buy, I work hand in hand with you to determine what we need to accomplish.

Then, I will work with you to see which of these advertising and marketing options are the best for you and your business now, and which ones we should also consider in the future.

You don’t need to know the ins and outs, pros and cons of all of these options.  Use me as a resource and we’ll help you get to where you want to go in 2016.