There are just too many things going on in my hometown these days.  When I returned to Fort Wayne, Indiana in the summer of 1998 we had the opposite problem.  Not that too many options is really a problem.

A few years ago, I used to post a Fort Wayne site of the day, for nearly 3 years straight to create a stronger online community.  Last year I reduced it to 52 websites on a weekly basis and this year, one each month.

During these summer months when there is so many options for activities, I decided to pick a website that features what has become one of my favorite food festivals.  And in the interest of full disclosure,  the organizers of this event spend money with me on my radio station, WOWO and others to promote this event.  However, this article is unrelated to that… I just think that with all the events going on in town, you should really consider this one an annual destination.

Now in their 18th year and opening today at 11:30 through Sunday, it’s Ribfest time!