A couple days ago, I was having a conversation via Twitter about writing a blog.

They didn’t know what to write about.

I noticed that so far they had 2 blog posts, one in January and one for February this year.

It’s a good start.

But it’s a slow road.

Imagine if you had a destination that you wanted to get to, but you only moved a few feet at a time.

It would be pretty easy to get discouraged.

My advice is usually step up your pace.  Get moving.  Make some commitments.

I used to post nearly 50 articles a week on a part time basis, spread over several sites.

Last year I refocused and launched this site which is now updated 20 to 23 times a week instead.

I do not write 20+ articles.  I have my sources which I use for many of the articles but everyone of them is selected, edited, tweaked and published by hand, by me.

(I have written permission to use the sources, and I promote those sources.)

But that’s what I do.

What about you?

I urge folks to start by following their passions.  Write the way you speak.  Don’t worry about perfection.

Decide how often you are going to post a new article.  Some do it weekly.  Some do it daily.

Maybe 3 times a week is your style.

There is also a difference in who often you write vs. how often you post.  Most blogging programs allow you to schedule in advance.

This is very helpful when you are on a roll and want to crank out a few stories but save them for the future.

But back to the question, “I don’t know what to write about…”

It’s okay.  I didn’t know for sure what I wanted to write about when I started 9 years ago.

Just start and you’ll find your voice.