Due to being called out by both of my daughters for the way I spelled Grateful as Greatful when they say this update this morning, here’s an explanation.

Call it conditioning.

For the last several years, before I started working with Cirrus ABS.  I worked for a group of radio stations in Fort Wayne which includes WXKE, ROCK 104. We launched an annual promotion called the Greatful Shed Giveaway.  This was a shed filled with “guy stuff” and custom painted with Greatful Dead style logo’s.

So I have been spelling grateful, greatful for the past several years.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Now, back to what I originally wrote:


My oldest daughter, Rachael has decided to write 30 days of Gratitude this month on her website.

Despite being several months pregnant and working her tail off to launch a couple websites for herself and her company, she has decided to embark on this project.

Check it out and see why I smile daily when I think of her.