Sure all the big names get all the press and promotion and ticket sales through outlets like Ticketmaster.

But even though I spent many years in the radio business, and was a disc-jockey and program director and all that jazz, I didn’t get into the big stadium concert scene.

Smaller local venues are more my style.

But how do you find out about them?  And how much are you willing to plunk down to see a band that you’ve never heard before?

I have a couple of suggestions.

1st off, if you are in the Indianapolis area, Saturday March 3rd a friend of mine Ricky Potts is doing another  sixforsix event.  Simple concept, 6 bands for 6 dollars.  Sounds like a winning combination.  Check it out at:


Closer to home, Fort Wayne, Indiana, this Saturday at the Embassy it’s Down The Line 6 .  Hard to believe that this is the 6th Down The Line annual concert.

The price is right too.

Advance tickets are just 12 bucks.