I recall a few years ago watching the Emmy awards and wondering if any of the major broadcast networks were going to win any awards.

By broadcast networks, I mean the networks that you can watch over a traditional television without cable or internet.  In most cities that includes ABC, CBS, NBC and sometimes FOX, CW and MY networks.  PBS too.

As I was reviewing emails from the summer I saw one from MarketingCharts/MediaPost that pointed out a generation gap in how we watch. This study actually counts satellite and cable tv as part of the traditional tv group


From the looks of it, it appears that the current batch of 40 year olds are at the age of switching from watching live traditional TV to other delivery methods such as streaming or delayed viewing on other devices.

My kids are definitely watching plenty of streaming video compared to traditional television.  My wife and I are over 50 and we watch streaming video too because of the convenience of it.

My guess is that the switch is not just because of our ages, but the switch will accelerate as more and more older adults become aware of the choices they have.

And now a note of caution for the businesses that are relying on their local television stations to advertise with…  The audience isn’t just getting older, it’s shrinking too and will not be coming back.

How much traditional TV did you watch over this Labor Day Weekend versus how much streaming video did you view?