Earlier this month, our youngest child and her husband had their first child.  Congratulations to Abby and Jeff Morris for successfully entering the world of parenthood.

Today is also the 1 year birthday of Nora, daughter of my oldest, Rachael and her husband Brandon.

Between my wife’s two and my three adult children, we currently are up to 6 grandkids including 4 under the age of two.

My daughter Rachael wrote a bit of wisdom to her step-brother-in-law after Ryker (the newest) was born and shared it with him on Facebook.

As I read this, a tear came to my eye as I see how the generation just below me is continuing to bond, share and create lasting relationships.

And now, the words of my daughter, Rachael Kelley:

Here’s your unofficial new dad to-do list:
1. Tell her she’s doing a great job. A lot.
2. Always make sure she has a glass of water. Nursing makes you so thirsty.
3. …and hungry. Offer her a snack.
4. Also Ryker is used to eating when she eats. For a while, he’ll want to nurse every time you sit down to eat. You may have to feed Abby before you get to eat.
5. When she’s not nursing, hold the baby. She probably needs to pee. Or shower. Or sleep.
6. Don’t expect to sleep more than 5 or 6 hours at a time yourself.
7. Read up on breastfeeding so you can give lots of support and encouragement. It can be really hard sometimes!
8. Change as many diapers as possible.
9. Draw up a bath or two for her in the next couple weeks.
10. Fall in love with your wife all over again, and your new son too!