There’s so much crap out there on this subject.

“Tweet Your Way to Riches”

“Create a 6 Figure Facebook Fortune in 6 Hours a Month”

“Bring In The Big Bucks with LinkedIn”



The simple truth is 90% of sales is based on trust.

Trust in the value of what someone buys is worth the money spent.

Trust is built from creating relationships.

Two examples:

1. When I buy a McDonalds sausage burrito for $1.08 for breakfast, I trust the crew at McDonalds to create a roll of dough, eggs, cheese, veggies, and sausage that is hot, ready to eat and just like the one I ordered that last time I ordered one.  The price of a dollar plus tax is a decent value for what I am getting and the convenience.

2. When I spend $50 bucks for dinner with my wife at a local coffee shop that offers a spectacular, exclusive, Friday night only menu, my expectations are higher and they meet those expectations.


So meeting or exceeding expectations creates value and builds my relationship with those businesses.

How does social media fit in?

And how can you and I use Social Media for Sales?

Use Social Media to create and enhance relationships.

Behind nearly every social media account is a real person.  They are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc to connect with others.

Create relationships, not pushy sales campaigns.

Talk to me, don’t shout at me.

Respond with real answers, not scripted sales pitches. (Verizon did this to me on Twitter last week, a sales pitch instead of a conversation).

Here’s an example of one way to use Social Media for Sales:

Review your connections. Ask each one individually who the appropriate person is at their organization that you should speak with regarding the service or product you provide.  Then thank them and do your work.