In my world of marketing and advertising, I see all kinds of schemes designed to get people to buy stuff.  Sometimes I get unsolicited emails from people who think I want to buy their stuff, but they are paddling up stream and up the wrong creek.

I’m going to show you an example from last week.

I’ve been getting emails from Matt, well okay, I’ll use his real name and show you the exact content.

The subject line was:

First impressions are overrated

That was good.  Here’s what the body of the email said:


Something must’ve been wrong with my initial outreach to you because I still haven’t heard back. I think it’s time for a fresh start.


Hi, I’m Matt, a Founder at CONSENSUS™. Our software powers personalized, interactive, video demos to drive ridiculous revenue and I think it’s a great fit for you.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.
I clicked on the Watch Demo Button and started down a rabbit trail to see how bad this would be.  It was an interactive video and I realized it wasn’t going to get any better than my first impression.
Here’s how he wrapped up the email to me:
 We can show you how we’ve helped companies 2x their close rate in a 30 minute meeting. Are you available sometime early next week?
Here’s what I wrote back to Matt:
You have not created a valid business reason for me to respond.  As such, I am very unimpressed with what your service could provide.
Unless you can create a personalized V.B.R. your success in email prospecting is limited.
I am not the person who can say yes and with this experience I am the person who can say no to recommending your services for our company and the clients I serve.
Get better, be better.
Good  luck.
Let this be a warning to you if you send me an email like his, you may be the subject of an article like this.
I decided to use his email as a lesson.
A lesson for him, for you and for me.
I spent the time to respond and share a lesson with him.
Sharing this online right here is a lesson for you.
And all of this is a reminder lesson for me not to get lazy.
But really, there is a Better Way of Getting Customers than what this guy did.
If you want some ideas for your business, contact me and I promise not to send you a form letter.