April 1st is the traditional day to prank someone.  April Fools day is also a day that the folks at Google like to test to see if you realize what day it is. google-plus-icons

As I was writing this a few days ago, I don’t know what their 2015 Google prank is for today, but there are a few “easter eggs” that live on and on and on.

For example,

  • Google “Google in 1998” and watch what happens.
  • Google “do a barrel roll”
  • Google “tilt”
  • Go to You Tube (owned by Google and enter “Beam Me Up Scotty” in the search bar

And then the Google Hoaxes, click on the links below:

There’s more but I have work to do today.  And if you bring your dog to work with you, you really could use this: