Let’s share some personal stuff today.shareasimage big 1

If this is your first time visiting my website, welcome.  Feel free to drop me a note and connect.

Just recently I changed a few ways I have been communicating  and one of those is to share these articles online more frequently on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google+.

But what the heck is a website named ScottHoward.Me?  It sounds a bit self centered, I admit, however 4 years ago when my friend Kevin challenged me to make some changes in my online activity and use my given name, Scott Howard, the standard domains for Scott Howard were all taken.

The dot me domain was fresh and new and since this was going be be solely my creation, I bought it and here we are.   My online presence however goes back much further under the name ScLoHo.  Google ScLoHo and nearly everything you find is related to me.  I had several blogs and websites that were branded ScLoHo and recieved some national recognition in the Wall Street Journal and various social media press.

In 2011, it was time to merge the online activity with the other stuff of me, Scott Howard.

(ScLoHo is just the first two letters of my first, middle and last names mashed together. You’ll find my on Twitter as ScLoHo, and my email address is Scott@ScLoHo.net.)

I live and work in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I grew up here from age 6 to 18, returned for awhile in my 20’s and then returned for good at age 38 in 1998.  Married with 3 kids who are also married and 2 step-kids with growing families all around.  Besides work and family I also am involved with our church doing some volunteer leadership and neighborhood involvement.  My Christian faith is part of my core being so I strive to be true to what is honoring God.  Strive is an important word in that last sentence, because it doesn’t imply perfection, which is impossible, just a direction.

I’ll occasionally share stuff of a personal nature here, because that is part of keepin’ it real.  Most of what I will write about is related to the marketing world I work in or have observed over the last couple of decades.

I don’t get paid to write this stuff.  It’s simply something I do.  I get paid to work for Federated Media.  Specifically radio station WOWO in Fort Wayne. Advertising and marketing sales is one way to put it and along with WOWO I also have the local ESPN radio stations and an ever growing collection of digital media marketing options offered by Federated Media.

Before I joined WOWO, I worked at a couple of other radio station groups in Fort Wayne which has given me an insiders perspective to how they handle things.  I also worked on the air for several years and in management.  Served on the Board of Directors of the Fort Wayne Advertising Association.  Served on a number of marketing boards for non-profits and the like.  Took a turn a couple of times getting paid to work for a website development firm and also handled the social media output for a multi-million dollar internet company.

If you want to follow along, I am currently publishing 6 days a week on ScottHoward.me and there are a couple of email subscription options on the right side of this website.

My goal is to keep writing, sharing, reading and helping.  Feel free to do the same and connect too.