Last week the Social Media Scoring Site, made a few changes.


All across the Twitterverse, Tweeps were crying “FOUL” or in Twitter Terminology #FAIL!

Why?  Because of this quote from their blog:

A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up but some users will see a drop. Some of our Scores here at the Klout HQ will drop (including mine) — our goal is accuracy above all else. We believe our users will be pleased with the improvements we’ve made.

Nearly everyone I spoke with saw a drop.  Mine dropped from a 64 to 48, out of 100 the first day.

But I’ve taken a closer look at what Klout is doing and what you and I should be looking at instead of the big number.

  • Instead of focusing on the Big Number, dig deeper.  How does Klout classify you?  They say I’m a Thought Leader.  They’ve had me classified as a Thought Leader for as long as I can remember.
  • Now Klout gives you more information as to why your score is what it is.
  • And it appears that Klout is probably more accurate with some of the small numbers that they use to create your big number.  For example, my True Reach went from 1000 to 2000.  My Network Impact went down slightly, which is actually a measurement of the influence of those whom I’m connected to. Some of those connections influence decreased, which means my” influence” spread by them went down accordingly.

So why did Klout do this?


For the money, honey.

Klout is a data collector.  Klout uses the information it gathers on you and millions of others to get dollars to pay for all of this.  You and I get the occasional Klout Perk offer and those 3,500 companies that are offering perks pay to get those perks in front of your face.


So relax my friend.  Just do what you usually do on social media.  Connect those social media channels that you are active on to your Klout account and while you’re at it, give some +K’s to those who deserve it every day.