I was thinking the other day, about all the changes going on around me and with me.  Seems like an awful lot of transitions.

But then, life itself is a transition.

At work we celebrated birthdays of two of my coworkers on the eCommerce Team.

Just calling it the eCommerce Team is a transition.  We are still officially known as the Internet Marketing Team, but when our boss left last month, they retitled his position as Director of eCommerce, so when that person is hired, we’ll probably get a name change too.

This summer we’ve had transitions in the family side of life too as babies are having birthdays, families are moving, and everyone is getting older.

Just this week I saw a picture of my step-grandson who is going to be starting high school next week.  I recall when I met him and he was in diapers.

Which brings me to a point that I want to make about life being a continuous transition.

It would be sad if that high schooler still needed diapers, right?  I’m confident that the other grandkids will make that potty training transition when it is appropriate for each of them.  (We have 4 who are age two and younger).

Embrace the transitions.

At every stage of life, with a wink and a smile.