I’m going to let you in on a little secret on how to stay focused on where you are going with your life. IMG_0443 used

You can apply this to your personal relationships, or your work life, or virtually any area that could benefit from this exercise.  I’m going to use my professional life in this example.

Earlier today I met with Ben.  Ben is my manager/coach/boss.  Every Friday morning between 8:30 and 9:30 we meet in his office to discuss progress on projects I am working on.

We look back and look forward.

I bring to the meeting a form that lists who I am planning on seeing over the next week and what I plan on accomplishing.  Sometimes the form has the same clients as the week before because I am meeting with them weekly. Or maybe a meeting didn’t happen and has been postponed.

We also discuss openly ideas to help move things forward and ideas to help clients. This weekly review is something  I look forward to each week.  I’ve known Ben for 8 or 9 years and at a previous company our roles were reversed, so we know each other pretty well.  Compared to some of my coworkers who have only worked with Ben as their boss, my relationship includes a deeper understanding due to our past.

An understanding of where we are, because of where we were is key to knowing where we are going next and planning the route to get there.  This is the 13th Friday of 2015.  We have 39 Friday’s left this year.  I urge you to do a regular look back to look forward this year too.