Since 2007 major newspaper publishers have been suffering declines in both readership and revenue. newspaper-generator.php

That’s according to this article, which is filled with lots of depressing numbers for those in the print biz.

The decline has actual been going on longer than 8 years.  We get our news from the web and apps and other electronic communication devices.

Oh sure there are a few people who still subscribe to the print versions of newspapers but that number is shrinking.

As I read about the declines in circulation for our Fort Wayne newspapers last year, it made me wonder why advertisers spend money for print ads anymore.

I suppose it is a matter of perspective.  If I only looked at the changes in the past 12 months, it’s not such a steep decline as it is if you look at the past 15 years.

My challenge to those of you who still pay to run ads in the paper, is to ask yourself why?  I really want to know, so drop me a note: