Yesterday, I wrote about saying No to one job and Yes to another.

Today, more about how this change affects other areas of my life.

I estimate that of the 168 hours we are given every 7 days, 60 hours will be work related.

Maybe more, at least that’s the way I usually roll.

Here’s a few of the No’s and Yes’s that involve those other 108 hours:

  1. Yes, set my alarm for 6am.  This may change to even earlier.
  2. Yes, pack a lunch of healthy food.
  3. Yes, plan on driving 45 minutes to work and back daily.  Longer if the weather is bad.
  4. No to meetings during the day that are not business related, with a few exceptions.  This is because my office is in a neighboring small town that does not make it convenient to do a lunch or breakfast unless it’s in the town I’m now working.
  5. No to some of the things I’ve been doing related to those daytime meetings I referred to in #4. Some of the specifics include my attending marketing meetings for the Boy Scouts; serving as the V-P of Communications for our local Advertising Federation, of which I’ve been on the board of directors for 6 years; and no to daytime meetings for the upcoming TEDxFortWayne conference.
  6. Yes to my involvement with each of those organizations I just mentioned but it will be done after business hours.
  7. Yes to losing weight with a personal trainer and fitness center we have at work.
  8. Yes to enriching my life during my longer drive by listening to the Bible on CD, podcasts I’ve been collecting, and even some peaceful quiet time.

This is a good list, a good trade off resulting in one happy ScLoHo.