I’ve talked a lot recently about the term Experts.

Expert is not a title you earn by going to school or completing certain training.  Being an expert involves many aspects but generally speaking…

An Expert is someone who has expertise in something beyond the average person. expert1

Often a degree is required, like a Doctor.  Or other credentials for other professions.

But Not All Experts Are Experts.

In the media and marketing world, you can become certified and credentialed, but the question remains can you deliver?  Do you have success stories? Do you have data to back it up?  Do you have positive reviews?  Are you following best practices?

Even if you are a nice person, you may not have earned that expert title, yet.  If you want to be better and grow your expertise, you can do it.

I was researching some information for an advertising partner and was bothered by the level of expertise that an “expert” had.  It was lacking… not up to par with what my advertising partner should be getting for the money spent each month.

I dug further and discovered numerous mistakes online.  These were not invisible to the average person mistakes, but obvious ones to the naked eye.

It made me sad, actually because I really was hopeful that this “expert” was the real deal, but now I can’t recommend them anymore.

It’s not fair for me to publicly tell you who I am referring to. Instead I urge you to do your research.  If you don’t know how to research, or what criteria matters, then ask.  There are plenty of people who have the knowledge to guide you to find the right expert you need for your business.  Lawyer, accountant, social media, advertising, plumbers, you name it, you can find it.

And I’d be glad to help you double check on anyone in the marketing, media, online, advertising world both locally and nationally too.

Just ask me.