To take care of the “stuff” in your life that needs attention.

You know what stuff I’m talking about.

Each of us has our own stuff, different from one another.

If you are unclear on this concept, think about the following in your life:

Your relationship with your parents.

Your relationship with your kids.

Your relationship with that wierd relative.

Your relationship with that co-worker.

Your relationship with your boss.

Your relationships with your friends.

Your relationships with your enemies.

Your relationship with God.

Your relationship with ________________.

Unless you work in retail, or are a few other professions, you are going to get at least an extra day off this weekend.

Some of us will have a four day weekend.

We call it Thanksgiving.

And in a few short weeks we have Christmas and New Years.

2011 is almost over.

The next few days and weeks are times to reconnect, revive, re-establish relationships as we are gathering with friends and family.

Maybe you are one of the fortunate few who can honestly say all is well in your world.

Share those blessings, let others know you are grateful for them in your life.

Now is the time.