There is such a mishmash of electronic and techy stuff out there these days.

For folks like me who took typing in high school, it could be overwhelming.

But for me personally, it’s not.

I still don’t know how to repair the inside of my computer, what we call the hardware, but it doesn’t matter.

I do sometimes get a little frustrated when I’m hooking up one of our laptops to the flat screen TV in the living room, so we can watch a Netflix film and I’ve forgotten which buttons to push, but that’s overcome-able.

I was at our company Christmas party this month and asked my friend Kevin a question about something that he didn’t know the answer to, but it was no big deal, surprising, but I can just “Google it”.

Last week I was alerted to an article about the future of  Television by a tweet from Jon Bausman.

And as I was reading the story, I was thinking about how some of us have easily adapted to the continuous changes in technology and communication while others fight it.

Think about those folks that you know that use Social Media.

Are they on Facebook?

Are they using Twitter, Linked In, MySpace?

Are they watching videos on You Tube?

If they are above the age of 30, then they remember a world without all of these Social Media platforms.

Before the year ends in a couple of weeks, you may be visiting long lost family members, including crazy Aunt Betty or Grandpa Jack and they will have no idea why you are “Checking In” from your smartphone.

Do you know how to explain this whole big mess of wireless wires to those who are not in the loop so they won’t think you are the crazy one?

Better start thinking about that one now, my friends!