It sounds strange and for some it is a surprise.

But this week I am returning one of my 11 Sweatervests.

The one from Cirrus ABS.

First a bit of background:

It was a year ago that I was in Indianapolis at a Friendup organized by Randy Clark.

There were just a handful of us that April evening at Scotty’s Brewhouse.

Besides Randy and myself we also had Kit Wessendorf from Kokomo, Allison Carter from Indianapolis and Don Kincaid who also made the trip from Fort Wayne.

As we munched on fried pickles and talked about ways we could help each other, I realized that I was interested in leaving the world of radio advertising where I had spent the past 8 years.

Word got back to Kevin Mullett, a friend of mine who introduced me to Randy a few months earlier and one thing led to another and soon I was working for the same website development firm that Kevin works for, Cirrus ABS.  Cirrus is a digital marketing agency that has been around for nearly 2 decades and has an excellent reputation for doing things right online.

Last year when I was attending a business expo I adopted a Cirrus ABS sweatervest and have worn in regularly ever since.  For my birthday my wife added 3 more sweatervests to my closet and now my collection was up to 11.  All winter long, with the exception of a week in Florida, I wore a sweatervest every work day.

Today however I returned the Cirrus sweatervest as I am returning to the world of radio on Monday.

It has been a good experience working with the team at Cirrus.  When I began we had about 25 on staff and now Cirrus is up to 40 employees.  All based in Fort Wayne, Indiana with more knowledge, experience and expertise than anyone I know and I’m willing to bet that Cirrus is one of the top 50 digital marketing agencies of its kind in the world.

But the opportunity to step back into the world of radio has lured me back.  I’ve added up all the years I’ve worked in the business and it looks like this will be the start of my 25th year in radio ranging from being on the air, developing advertising campaigns, writing, voicing and producing commercials, sales, and management of all of the above.

More to come….