Here’s a concept that is so simple and yet gets lost in all the marketing and advertising chaos…

People are willing to pay you to do things for them.

People want to buy the stuff you want to sell.

It really doesn’t take an over-the-top creative marketing and advertising campaign with a lot of flash and pizzazz.

But it does require inviting people to do business with you.

And it requires the ability to be found when people are looking for you.

And it requires a reliable point of contact.  That could be a store front, a website, a phone number, an email address… or all of the above.

As I look at businesses that didn’t make it, they were missing something from this list:

  • Invite
  • Be found
  • Be reachable

Trust and honesty is also important.  It’s so important that I shouldn’t need to mention it, but unfortunately I do.

Do you need help inviting people to do business with you?

Do you need help being found by people who want to do business with you?

Are you reachable?   I am.  Contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

My contact info:

Call or Text: 260-255-HELP  That’s 260-255-4357

Email:  and if it is only for radio and web stuff.

Twitter: @ScLoHo


I’m right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I’ve been since 1998 and ready to help you.  Just ask.