What an awesome responsibility.

Naming someone or something.

My kids have been naming their kids and with grandchild number 8 on the way, I found out what his name will be this month.

I was talking with my daughter on Facebook about names and had the idea that instead of actually picking a full name, pick out initials and then as the kid gets older, they can decide what to name themselves.   T. J. could by Tommy James, or it could be Tobin Jorge.

They decided against my idea.

When my kids were born, we saddled them with a first and middle name and that’s that.

We’ve named our pets but they don’t seem to care as long as they get food they are happy.

You can name your business too, but whatever you are naming, take a few moments and think of all the nickname possibilities that you would want to avoid.

Or you can do what another daughter and her husband did with their first born.  His name is Calvin and his initials are C.A.L.   Pretty clever.