In the next couple of weeks, my car will become indistinguishable.

My official Indiana issued ScLoHo licence plate will no longer be displayed on my back bumper.

When I renewed my plates this month I opted to go with the standard Indiana plate.

It will save me about $50, which can go to other, more important items in our life.

How and why did the ScLoHo-mobile come about?

In 2011, I was preparing to leave the radio world that I worked in for 20 years to move into the internet world full time. It was my social media identity as ScLoHo combined with my marketing and sales experience that made that career jump possible.

Financially, I could justify it as my step-daughters car was no longer my responsibility so I took some of the money I would have spent on her plate and upgraded mine to a vanity plate.

The original ScLoHo-mobile was a “classic” Mercedes that I had for about 7 years until I was tired of putting money in every few months to keep it on the road.

Last summer I went back to an American car, a “classic” Pontiac Grand AM GT.

The last ScLoHo-Mobile

The last ScLoHo-Mobile

I use the term classic to signify that these are old cars. Each were at least 8 years old when I bought them.

There’s a lesson for each of us to consider, even if you never bought a vanity plate for your car.

What’s going to happen to that $50?  I really don’t know.  I am not looking to spend it on something else that I want, so it just became another bill I didn’t have to pay this year.

Our priorities change over time.  The things we value change.  Sometimes our spending habits need to be reexamined to see if they still match our values and priorities.

And that’s this weeks Monday Money update.