Advertising Hype.

Try and be clever and cute.

Say something that makes your stuff sound awesome.

Something that is so unbelievable, that, well, no one believes it.

That is one way to kill your chances for success for your ad campaign.

So much hype that it is lost in our quest to find something real that we are willing to spend our money on.

'I believe they're an advertising firm.'

Beware of the super slick hucksters who try and convince you their answers will cure all your ills and make you a million bucks.

I’m talking about the creatives in the ad world who are so in love with their creations they lose sight of the real purpose of the advertising.

The purpose is to create awareness of what you have to sell, so people will consider buying it from you.

You don’t need cute and clever. ¬†You need real.

Sometimes it’s that simple.

Want help keeping it simple?

I’m here to help.

I even picked out a phone number that says so.

260-255-4357 is a vanity number that spells 260-255-HELP

Use it if you want help figuring out your advertising and marketing.