¬†Instead of being superstitious about Friday the 13th, I’ve got something to make you feel a little lucky….

It’s almost the weekend and you have to remember to load up those files you need to work on over the weekend to a zip drive, or flash drive or whatever you want to call it, so you can have the stuff from your desktop computer at work available to finish up on your laptop.

Or perhaps there’s that presentation you want to give but you need access to it on your iPad and you forgot to email it to yourself…..


And Start Syncing your Stuff with Dropbox.

As they said to me in my introductory email,

Do you have more than one computer? By installing Dropbox on each of your computers you can:

  • Save a file to all your computers at once.
  • Start working on one computer, and continue working on another.
  • Get to your photos, docs, and videos from anywhere. “

You’ll get 2 GB of space free, and if you really need more you can buy more space.

I was asking some friends on Twitter this week how they use Dropbox, and some of the answers were:

  • To Sync important files on all my devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone)
  • To Share and Send Files with clients (You can create folders and give others access to just those folders)
  • As a replacement for my zipdrives that I was always losing
  • My office uses Dropbox to store files that our department needs that are updated regularly

Like I mentioned, the first 2GB is free and you can check it out and start using it in just a couple of minutes when you go here to set up your own Dropbox account.

Oh yes, if you use the Dropbox link above, you’ll actually get an extra 500MB of storage on top of the 2GB.