Does Christie Brinkley Listen to WOWO Radio?

I was reading an article from Mediapost that mentioned that  baby boomers who are becoming senior citizens are not what you might expect. To illustrate their point they pointed out that at age 63, Christie Brinkley could be considered a “senior”. She is a Baby Boomer and she was featured along with her two daughters […]


Meaningful Marketing Messages to Boomers

I have been reading a series from Mediapost, What We’ve Learned About Marketing To Baby Boomers and this month they published part 3. Why do I care? First off, I’ve been studying marketing and advertising for 3 decades. 2nd, the radio station I work for WOWO, has a huge Baby Boomer audience and I want to […]


Insight on WOWO Radio Listeners

A couple of tidbits of information that applies to the listeners of my radio station, WOWO, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. For the past 20 years WOWO has been a news/talk radio station, (out of 90+ years on the air.) Last month we received results from the rating service we subscribe to and again WOWO dominates […]


Is There A Generation Gap In Marketing?

Do different generations consume and respond to marketing messages differently? It’s a question that deserves examining and the big question, Is There A Generation Gap In Marketing? On one hand, I am not typical of my generation and on the other, I fit in perfectly. I’m a child of the 60’s and 70’s.  My kids […]


WOWO’s Baby Boomer Listeners are Online Too

A great article from Mediapost that I read this week was about Baby Boomers defying certain stereotypes, especially when it comes to tech and online activity. Since 1/2 of WOWO radio’s huge audience is the Baby Boomer generation, it makes sense to share this with you and as WOWO is my radio station that I […]